JESSICA ROSE COUTURE was founded with the desire to enhance the home by using fabrics, color and texture; creating a space that sparks conversation and stirs each client's soul as we represent what truly matters to them.



Jessica Jenkins is AMAZING. (Well, she is...)

Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from the International Academy of Design in Chicago, IL, where she fell in love with design, drape, line, and the overall creation of space.

Building her portfolio in the city allowed her to play with lots of different ideas and concepts within design, but something was missing…

Jessica moved to Colorado and experienced a wonderful shift into a functional freedom of design instead of the feeling of things being too contemporary, icy cold, and sharp in the city. An evolution occurred, allowing creation from a space of function and warmth; rich in texture and a reflection of lifestyle. Instead of simply providing ambiance, her design now flows out of a well developed sense of self, allowing her to ‘package’ and reflect her client’s sense of self within their living space.

Jessica’s love of the Colorado lifestyle is communicated through a love of blending timeless pieces with lines that are contemporary; something lush, plush, and ‘yummy’ with those things that are perhaps colder, straighter and linear.