JESSICA ROSE COUTURE was founded with the desire to enhance the home by using fabrics, color and texture; creating a space that sparks conversation and stirs each client's soul as we represent what truly matters to them.



Jessica Jenkins is AMAZING. (Well, she is...)

Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from the International Academy of Design in Chicago, IL, where she fell in love with design, drape, line, and the overall creation of space.

Building her portfolio in the city allowed her to play with lots of different ideas and concepts within design, but something was missing…

Jessica moved to Colorado and experienced a wonderful shift into a functional freedom of design instead of the feeling of things being too contemporary, icy cold, and sharp in the city. An evolution occurred, allowing creation from a space of function and warmth; rich in texture and a reflection of lifestyle. Instead of simply providing ambiance, her design now flows out of a well developed sense of self, allowing her to ‘package’ and reflect her client’s sense of self within their living space.

Jessica’s love of the Colorado lifestyle is communicated through a love of blending timeless pieces with lines that are contemporary; something lush, plush, and ‘yummy’ with those things that are perhaps colder, straighter and linear.




I don't think I can thank you enough for all the help and amazing work you've put into our home! Every person who walked into our home couldn't compliment our curtains enough. They truly make a statement in our master and great room.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives. I have no idea how we would've survived without your amazing mind and energy ❤️ Thank you again to you and the hubby for all your hard work! - Melinda B

You are the best!!! I love my new kitchen drape/cornices- the quality of this fabric is so gorgeous. Everything was meticulously installed with such care and perfection- you are an absolute pro at your craft!! - Courtney S

"Here we were, new to Colorado, standing in a bare, echoing, newly constructed home with many windows, and nary a clue what to do until we had the good fortune to meet Jessica. The seemingly impossible became possible as we went through her beautiful fabric swatches. What we wanted to do became very clear as she observed what kinds of fabrics most appealed to us, and what kind of overall feel we wanted for our home. With her valuable suggestions, we had it!

How she could be so expert and professional and, at the same time, be one of the most personable individuals we have met, was a further gift to us. She is charmingly relentless in attaining the desired goal. Her workmanship is meticulous. She is reliable and stays in communication from the first day through installation day. Never need a client wonder about the status, time table, or any detail of creation. She is an artist. She is reliable. Her love for fabric & design & her art is a certain guarantee that the result will please you. Spend some time with her, and I think you will be as astonished and rewarded by your experience as we have been. "

M.A. Turn


"Jessica was great to work with. I am a bit intimated by this whole “decorating” idea and Jessica came in an put me at ease. She listened to me and respected my tastes and desires. She quickly helped me unlock my favorite fabrics and was a pro at making suggestions based on what she could see my tastes already were. She knew before I did what I might like which made the whole process a lot more fun and easy. 

The final product was as amazing as the process. It upgraded my home in a flash and the quality was impressive. I would highly recommend Jessica’s work, even to those of you who shy away from decorating, like me."  Leanne

"Working with Jessica was a breeze. Quality of both the curtains and installation are great! Love how they pull the whole room together--the 20 foot panels make such a difference. I can't wait to have Jessica do my dining room next!" Kari- Westminster CO

"Jess is great!  She is not just an interior designer—she’s an artist.  Jess took on two big decorating projects for me and did a wonderful job on both.  She is honest and reliable, and stands by her work.  Jess is the complete package:  talented, creative, hardworking, and a delight to work with.  I look forward to future projects with her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a decorator." Julie Devine - Longmont, CO

"I started working with Jessica in Spring of 2011 after we moved into a new house.  She was incredibly helpful with my vision of the new house and pulling it all together.  She not only helped with drapery options and solutions, but was also helpful in colors and furniture solutions in other rooms of the house.  Jessica's patience is incredible, as I know that I can be quite particular with specifics.  She always has a smile and a professional and friendly attitude.  Her timeliness and communication was absolutely on target.  I again reached out to her upon finishing our basement several years later to have another great experience.  I've recommended her to several friends, who were very pleased with her service as well.  I would highly suggest reaching out to her if you have any decorating needs!  P.S.  She also does some clothes too, which is super fun!" Rachel Winter